Weiterbildungsprogramm in der IT

Further education program in the field of IT

Faculty73 is a qualification program of Volkswagen AG for employees with a passion for IT.

Faculty73 is a qualification program of Volkswagen AG for employees with a passion for IT. Participants are trained full-time over two years to become junior software developers for the automotive industry.


As there is a growing need for specialists in the IT sector, Volkswagen AG has launched the internal training program “Faculty 73” in 2019 to train urgently needed IT experts directly in-house within two years. The participants do not need any previous training in the IT sector for this, but all bring a passion for the subject. BREDEX supported the training program from the beginning as the largest training provider with more than 30 years of experience in frontend, backend and web programming, databases, GIT, software quality, UI/UX design, Agile and motivational bootcamps for team bonding.

Volkswagen AG

Trainer of the Academy


Project duration
Spread over several months


Through the introduction of hybrid and online learning formats, the training courses are not tied to one location, but can be carried out flexibly throughout Germany. Since BREDEX is not only a training provider, but also a solution provider in the field of agile software development, participants benefit from the know-how and practical experience of the team at the same time. In this way, participants also gain insights into current topics such as AI and user experience in everyday project work. The training materials such as scripts, quizzes and exercises are individually adapted to the customer’s everyday work and tailored to their needs, requirements and goals. The trainer team accompanies the participants not only in a single training session, but throughout the entire course of the program until completion. The advantage of this is that it enables them to foster strengths, work through challenges together in tandem teams, and provide targeted support for the further development of each participant for their future position in the IT department through pair programming and project phases in mixed groups.


The BREDEX trainers offer participants the training courses both in presence and remotely as online lessons in order to create optimal training conditions even when external circumstances change. The team of trainers quickly adapts to external challenges such as the 2020 pandemic and develops the learning formats accordingly. For example, new forms of hybrid learning have been successfully implemented through special formats such as blended learning. By using the “Big Blue Button” tool in the online training courses, participants only need a computer as well as a webcam and headset and can thus take part in the events without any further technical requirements. These range from lectures and tutorials to tutoring and targeted exam preparation. BREDEX trainers rely on eye-to-eye communication and modern learning methods such as sprint learning, i.e. Scrum-based learning in self-organized and managed groups.

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