Presentation of our Teams

BREDEX is not only about business, BREDEX means teamwork, humanity, appreciation and respect. It is about equality and diversity, freshness and experience- as well as foundation and perspective.

Internal Services

In the internal services area, around 20 people work in different teams to ensure smooth processes and to be there as a service provider for our colleagues and specialist departments. Our responsibilities range from back office to accounting, HR, marketing, sales and IT operations. Our goal is to develop pragmatic solutions tailored to our organization.

We not only work closely with the various functions in our departments, but also with the other specialist departments. Working in partnership with other specialists and teams is a priority for us. In our collaboration, we rely on collaborative tools from Microsoft 365 and miro for efficient and networked hybrid working and exchange information on current topics and processes in regular dailies and status rounds.

Our Mindset (Values)

  • Pragmatism
  • Cooperation
  • Flexibility

Software Development

In the area of software development, approximately 125 people work on translating the requirements, ideas and concepts of our customers into software. For our customers from a wide range of industries, we develop new software using current technologies, support the further development of existing products, or advise on architecture and technology decisions. Here, we deliberately rely on highly heterogeneous development teams in order to offer all roles required in the software lifecycle from a single source.

We strive to make the cooperation with the customer partnership-based and transparent. In doing so, we follow agile procedures such as Scrum or Kanban in order to be able to react as easily as possible to changes in the environment, such as legal framework conditions. In order to keep feedback loops short, customers are integrated into the development process: On the one hand, this leads to a high level of transparency regarding the current development status and, on the other, opens up the possibility of communicating change requests at an early stage and taking them into account accordingly.

Our Mindset (Values)

  • Transperancy
  • Agility
  • Solution orientation
  • Open error culture
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Project Management

In the project management area, around 15 people work in different teams to develop digital solutions to optimize our customers’ business processes. We always have a breath of fresh air: With customers from the automotive industry, the energy sector, aviation and public administration, we work on a very varied project portfolio. Our international team also has a healthy and mixed age structure.

We combine the positive aspects of employee and customer orientation by using agile methods, recommending modern technology, and at the same time valuing the possibilities of our customers. In order to promote exchange within the team across project boundaries, we regularly have breakfast together, report on our experiences to each other in monthly team meetings, and occasionally wind down a strenuous workday together.

Our Mindset (Values)

  • Helpful
  • Friendly
  • Committed

Requirements Engineering

In the area of requirements engineering we are a team of currently 7 employees. In various projects we support customers and teams in keeping track of the requirements for their system. In addition, we use workshops, brainstorming sessions and other creativity techniques to help stakeholders formulate their ideas into concrete concepts for implementation. In addition, we act as consultants, coaches and trainers to enable colleagues and customers to perform professional requirements engineering. Our goal is to provide the right solution for our customers.

In our project teams we are the communicative interface between stakeholders and the development team. We attach particular importance to a trusting and cooperative partnership, because this is the only way to find the right solution for our customers. In doing so, we primarily rely on collaborative tools such as Jira or Miro and modeling tools such as Microsoft Visio. This allows us to efficiently design a hybrid way of working and come to good decisions in meetings or regular meetings such as Daily Scrum or Refinements.

Our Mindset (Values)

  • Analytical
  • communicative
  • Team player

Quality Assurance

In the area of software quality assurance, 12 people work on bringing our quality concept to the development teams and to our customers. As consultants for software quality, we are the contact persons for the projects, provide advice and assistance, and help both in the planning of a suitable test procedure and in its implementation as technical experts.

In close cooperation with development projects we provide a comprehensive view on quality. We start at the beginning of the processes, shape them according to agile thinking and introduce suitable as well as established test tools in cooperation with the teams. As QA experts, we work hands-on on the applications, provide a safety net with suitable frameworks and maintain the quality concept in discussions with our customers.

Our Mindset (Values)

  • Agile
  • Pragmatism
  • Solution-oriented

Data Protection/ Information Security

In the Data Privacy/Information Security unit, around 15 people are involved in advising, implementing and reviewing data privacy and information security in our customers’ companies.

Our area of responsibility covers internal and external data privacy and internal and external information security. Our goal is to develop customized, pragmatic solutions for our customers.

Working in partnership with other specialists and teams is a top priority for us. We hold regular meetings with our customers to check on the status of data protection and information security and to drive these issues forward. It goes without saying that all topics are treated confidentially.

In addition, important tasks include organizing and planning the various training courses, starting with the Data Protection Specialist or BSI IT Baseline Protection Practitioner, through the IT Security Officer, to the BSI IT Baseline Protection Advisor:in. We also create and monitor the corresponding exams and evaluate them. These activities are taken over by the seminar organization.

Our Mindset (Values)

  • Pragmatic solutions
  • Customer orientation
  • Team player
  • Flexibility
  • Availability
  • Confidentiality
  • Partnership


In the Academy division, around 10 people work in various projects and teams to offer our employees and customers the best possible training, coaching and consulting services.


Our area of responsibility extends to our internal “clientele”, the employees, and the customers in the classical sense. Our goal is to develop pragmatic solutions that lead to the desired acquisition of competencies.

We not only work closely with the different roles in our department, but also with the other departments, freelancers and partner companies. Working together as partners is a priority for us. In our collaboration, we rely on collaborative tools from Microsoft 365 such as Planner, Teams, Sharepoint and Miro for efficient and networked hybrid working and exchange information on current topics and processes in regular status rounds. In addition, there is a monthly cross-project team roundtable where everyone gets together.

Our Mindset (Values)

  • Pragmatism

  • Team player

  • Flexibility

We live openness and appreciation