Strategic Quality Consulting

Setting the Course for the Future

The challenges for professional quality assurance are constantly growing due to agility, shortened cycles, DevOps, time pressure, customer involvement and automation. Strategic quality consulting helps companies adapt their existing processes to these requirements and prepare employees for current role demands.

Advantages of Strategic Quality Consulting

Our Expertise for your Projects

Our experts are proven specialists in the field of quality assurance. They have broad knowledge and experience from consulting various clients. With their presence in test and quality communities, also as recognized speakers, they provide valuable impulses. The moderation skills of the test consultant play a major role in the success of a consultancy: they introduce the participants to the topic of quality assurance as well as to a well-founded culture of experimentation and can decisively improve communication within the team.

We always work context-based as well as related to your concrete requirements. Therefore, we do not use a standard framework, but select those methods and practices that best fit your company context, your problems and expectations as well as your employees. In this way, an efficient, effective and concretely applicable quality assurance strategy for your project is created.

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Certificates and Seals

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