Project Coaching

Project Manager in Four Weeks

Good project management is essential for the success of your IT project. In this coaching, your project manager will receive the necessary know-how from our experts to fill the role of “project manager” competently.

After a requirements analysis, we introduce agile project management methods together with him/her in a targeted manner, which can be implemented together with the team. In addition, we actively support the project management, accompany during the implementation and promote a transparent communication about the project progress with all stakeholders. Good documentation and adequate team composition always play an important role in all measures.

All measures are based on the classic contents and goals of project management, including budget and time planning as well as risk management.

Project Manager Training in Detail

  • Accompaniment and coaching of the project management over four weeks by experienced BREDEX project managers
  • Specific requirements analysis in your project
  • Development of an agile project plan, consisting of pragmatic reporting, functioning communication structure, necessary documentation and optimal team composition
  • Consideration of classic project management goals

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