Test Consultants

External Test Consultants as Support in Quality Assurance

One or more test consultants work together with your team and accompany the whole process as quality specialists. We offer roles such as (Agile) Tester, (Agile) Test Manager and Test Automation Engineer to support teams and projects throughout. In these role, employees ensure quality assurance measures throughout the team and work on test analysis, design, execution, management and automation.

Your employees receive suggestions for improvements to existing processes and gain insight into current tools that make work more efficient and effective. As a stakeholder, you receive up-to-date information about the quality of your software throughout the entire development process.

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Test Consultants for your Team

Do you have a medium or long-term need for a specific role that you are currently unable to cover, or does your team of juniors need an experienced mentor to guide them? You want to bring an expert into the team to drive both operational performance and enablement of other team members? Then a Test Consultant is exactly what you need.

The advantage of an external test consultant for your team is that you can cover a medium or long-term need for expertise in the area of quality assurance. The time frame is flexible. For example, a consultant can compensate for temporary bottlenecks caused by a lack of staff, or accompany junior quality assurance staff as they enter their role and become more professional. In any case, our experts can provide you with extensive know-how in a fast and professional manner.

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