Working at BREDEX

BREDEX is a young, dynamic company that has been based in Braunschweig for 30 years. Starting with only 8 employees, we have grown to over 170. And we want to become even more! So that everyone in the company feels comfortable, we have found ways that benefit everyone.

Bild von unseren BX-lern beim Tough Mudder

What defines us as a company?

Your opportunities with BREDEX



Graduates, Professionals, Pupils, Students

We live openness and appreciation


We don’t have a Sie. As a team, we are all on the same level and work together. No matter in which business unit or in which position, everyone uses Du.

No, you can apply quickly and easily with only your CV.

In order to apply for an apprenticeship or as a dual student, your last report card and a letter of motivation are also required.

Absolutely! We are happy if you think you are a match for BREDEX! If you do not find your skill set in the open job positions, please apply anyway or use our contact form on the homepage. We look forward to meeting you.

No special preparation for an introductory meeting is necessary. We see an initial meeting as a mutual presentation on equal terms. We introduce you to BREDEX as a company and as an employer and look forward to meeting you and your experiences in return.

There is no dress code with us – not even for meetings. We truly mean it when we say: Come as you are!

Whether on site in the office, in the hybrid model partly at home or remotely. We offer you what you need.

We also have flexible working hours without core working hours.

We offer a variety of different opportunities and support individual career ideas, for example with further education, special development programs and workshops.

30 vacation days – between the years we have company holidays and can therefore all enjoy our relaxed X-Mas holiday. Working students and dual students receive 20 days.

In our sociable kitchen, on our terrace or right in the city center of Braunschweig. Due to our central location, there are many opportunities to spend the break outside the office.

Since we allow space for all the lifestyles of our employees, we also take into consideration the respective beliefs and the corresponding holidays. In addition to this, we also offer a prayer room in our offices in Braunschweig.

We have regular game evenings, hiking groups, D&D groups and much more. We also grill every two weeks on our roof terrace in summer and also meet several times a year for larger team events such as summer parties, Christmas parties…

As part of our BX-Health program, in addition to membership in a partner gym, we also offer regular activities such as yoga, running groups and bouldering. In addition to this, we promote the mental health of our employees

Experience the BX spirit! We know that in life you spend a lot of time with your work and colleagues together. That is why we pay attention to a pleasant working environment in which everyone feels comfortable.