Crisis Management

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„I need quick help with a software that is soon going live or is already in productive use!“

In many companies, there are complex and business-critical work processes whose smooth operation is of existential importance, especially in the age of digitalization. The absolutely secure mastery of architecture, technology and the business processes is a mandatory prerequisite for project success.

However, unplanned problems can always occur. For example before or after the release of a new software or during the update of an already existing software. For such situations, it is essential to get professional help quickly, so that schedules are not further delayed, the problems that have arisen are addressed quickly and the emergence of new problems is prevented.

How can I get help?

Every crisis situation has its own challenges and must be resolved individually. For this purpose, our team at BREDEX will offer you various solutions that are valuable in the process.

Crisis Manager

The deadline for the completion of a software project is getting closer and closer, but you are simply not making any progress? The processes overwhelm the project participants or you are too emotionally involved to make the necessary decisions?

In such cases, a crisis manager, also known as a crisis rescuer, can be the right solution. In the role of project management, he/she takes stock of all technical requirements, the organizational structure and the cooperation within your team. Together with you, the further procedure in your implementation team is planned and the communication management is improved.

Technical Reviews

Reviews can serve as a tool to quickly identify problem areas. Is the software faulty or can the required requirements not be served? Once the root cause is uncovered, it can be systematically eliminated.


You want to complete a software on time for the planned release date, but you do not have the required capacities to meet the deadline? Then a Releasesaver comes into question for you. For a short period of about 2 to 8 weeks an experienced software developer or a small team of developers will come to your company to support you with all our experience.

Eine männliche Person, Softwareentwickler, beugt sich über einen Laptop, an dem er arbeitet. Daneben sitzen und stehen zwei weibliche Personen, die auf den Laptop schauen.

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