Short-Term Release Support

Before the Release: Short-Term Quality Assurance Support for Software Projects

You are about to release your software project and quality problems occur? You did not have enough time to test your software during the development phase? Or you do not have a suitable test strategy?

It is a well-known phenomenon that testing often comes last. Due to delays, the time before release also becomes very short at some point. In such situations, the key is to test effectively and efficiently to assess the quality of the system. In this case, it is best to call on BREDEX’s release support: With it, you receive the optimal external help to master the critical phase shortly before the release. Our trained test managers ensure professional quality assurance for your project, even on a tight schedule.

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Advantages of Quality Assurance Support from BREDEX

Our test managers develop a suitable test strategy based on your requirements – which can be applied immediately and directly in your company. They use lightweight yet powerful techniques that guarantee comprehensive and rapid quality assurance for your software project. Exploratory testing and session-based test management are used to effectively and efficiently test the most important aspects of your software. The support of external experts can also uncover previously unknown risks that would have led to problems further down the line.

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