Methods and formats

Our further education paths – individual learning opportunities

The basis for the success of these further training courses is the many years of practical experience of our trainers. They design the offered training courses and workshops as a combination of face-to-face training and remote training, in the so-called “blended learning”. This didactic concept combines the best of both worlds: Digital learning in the comfort of your own environment alternates with a collaborative workspace on site. On the one hand, this offers flexibility in terms of time and space, and on the other, it also promotes learning from experience through mutual exchange.

Continuing education as a path to success in the digital transformation - Your benefits

Achieving the right level of competence

Basics Level

At this level of training, the foundation of your competence is created. Upon completion of the advanced training, you will have an assessment competence in the relevant field, i.e. the ability to assess facts as accurately and accurately as possible on the basis of solid specialist knowledge. For example, develop an agile mindset, learn first programming skills, understand the basic elements and processes of software development and complete your know-how with in-demand soft skills in order to be able to make IT-related decisions in your everyday work.

Advanced Level

At the increased level of continuing education, you specialize in a topic and thus develop into an expert in this field. You acquire consulting expertise: This includes, on the one hand, in-depth knowledge of certain contents and relationships in a subject area, but also, on the other hand, that you are able to develop solutions to the corresponding IT problems. Based on the existing know-how, you can view a topic holistically and expand situations in a solution-oriented way. This results in the ability to make well-founded decisions or to advise decision-makers accordingly.

The basis for the Advanced Level is your already existing know-how or an already completed advanced training in the Basic Level.

Continuing education pathways for long-term success ‒ an example

The following graph illustrates the training pathways. In the first step you will see an excerpt of our course offerings. If you hover over the picture, some courses from Basic Level (1) and Advanced Level (2) are selected. This creates a sample path that you can recognize from the dotted line and follow to the destination. You can compile a specific individual training path for your employees and your company from the entire range of BREDEX courses. We are happy to support you!

Click on the graphic to see an exemplary learning path. The courses on this example path are as follows:

  • The Java Bootcamp introduces software novices to Java and lays the foundation for coding in a playful way.
  • In the IT-Basics, the BREDEX trainers teach basic concepts, processes and elements of computer science. The course provides participants with an understanding of software development processes. They learn to use their new skills under “real” conditions and in the spirit of modern software development.
  • Our Agile Mindset training sensitizes participants to the benefits of agile working and conveys different concrete ways of thinking and doing things.
  • Java Essentials and SQL Essentials convey the most important techniques, processes, concepts and conventions of these programming languages. The participants are then able to write and understand their own code.
  • Infrastructures & Spring Clouds is part of the Advanced Level in this example path and thus imparts in-depth competencies. Here, the participants are taught principles and practices that guarantee the internal code quality and thus make the software product more future-proof.