Software Modernization


For the modernization of a software we like to use the term repowering, which originally comes from wind power. Repowering describes the idea of replacing individual parts of an old system with modern or more powerful components in order to eliminate or reduce selected deficits. As a rule, this procedure is more favorable than a completely new development of the entire system.

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Eine weibliche Person sitzt an einem Tisch vor zwei Monitoren, die Codezeilen anzeigen. Eine weitere weibliche Person steht daneben und deutet auf die Codezeilen bei einem der Monitore. Gegenüber befindet sich eine männliche Person, die ebenfalls an einem Computer arbeitet.

When should software be modernized?

After software has been developed, it is then often in use for years. During this time, the world continues to turn and technological, organizational or legal conditions change. So it can happen that you suddenly have to face completely different challenges than years before: Does the software meet all applicable provisions of the GDPR, especially with regard to the innovations? Is the interface designed to be barrier-free and thus also valuable for users with impairments? What about sustainability? How has my business environment developed?

These or similar questions can lead to the realization that it is time to modernize software.

Future-Proof and Flexible

The technologies used by BREDEX enable us to develop applications cloud-ready. These can run both initially on-premise and later be transferred to the cloud.

This gives our customers the greatest possible flexibility of action. In doing so, we modernize the software step by step and thus secure our customers’ investment in future-proof IT solutions.

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