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Manage and operate software easily.

For worldwide availability: Cloud technologies have made it possible to run software anywhere and manage it centrally. This not only leads to significantly greater flexibility, but also to improved availability for users.

With Amazon Web Services (AWS) or comparable services, new digital infrastructures can be created quickly. Performance and storage can be elastically adapted to the system’s needs at any time. This makes them ideal platforms in the digital age.

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Ready for the Cloud

To connect customers’ own software systems to the Internet, we at BREDEX implement customized IT solutions with the appropriate inclusion of cloud technologies. The cloud enables global availability and ensures high scalability. At the same time, no high investments in own hardware are required. This applies both in the development phase and later when applications and services are used.

The technologies we use make it possible to develop applications cloud-ready. In this way, in addition to an on-premise installation, a switch to the cloud remains possible at a later date. This creates a high degree of freedom and flexibility in the long term.

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