From the Needs Analysis to the Finished Software

Programming is not the right solution for every problem or neccessary at every stage in the life cycle of a software. This is where the versatile consulting services of our team at BREDEX come into play.

The commissioning of a software development is an investment that needs to be well considered. A preliminary consultation can help to reveal all needs and expectations. We use our methods and tools to help you examine the requirements space as comprehensively as possible and reduce it to the requirements that are actually necessary.  This way, the software that has the greatest benefit for you is subsequently developed.

Every organization works according to its own processes and requirements, sometimes even with differences within the same organization. When using standard software, existing processes sometimes have to be adapted to the software. A customized software solution is specifically geared to your processes and challenges and can therefore optimally support existing operations.

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Software Architecture

The foundation of a good software

The software architecture of a system represents the design decisions related to the overall structure. The architecture helps stakeholders understand how the system will achieve essential properties such as maintainability, availability, and security. Sometimes the software architecture includes decisions that are difficult to change later on.

Therefore, our architects help you define policies to support aspects such as infrastructure, resilience, scalability or availability even before the implementation starts. The architecture is highly customized to the technical framework and the business domain.

IT Project Management

Countering chaos with organization and planning

For over 30 years, our expertise has been in the holistic planning and implementation of software projects. Our professional project management supports stakeholders, product owners and project teams in setting schedules and budgets. In addition to this, our project managers select the appropriate methodology for smooth processes and tools for optimal project progress.

In doing so, our consultants and project managers individually address your requirements. At the same time, we always keep in mind that these can differ greatly in different projects. For this reason, BREDEX project management offers a selection of management packages as support for your project – from stocktaking to the empowerment of your own project manager to the implementation of the entire project management.

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