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Consulting and Support in Quality Assurance

In a short period of 1 to 2 weeks, test consultants advise and accompany your software development project. Together with the existing team they solve existing quality problems, analyze and optimize existing processes and introduce sustainable test strategies. In addition to this, new competencies and the idea of quality assurance are brought into the team through training and further education of the employees. Through these small iterations, the financial commitment can be kept low and the results and measures remain in the foreground.

Short Duration, Maximum Performance

Do you have projects that keep running into quality problems? The mood in your team is bad because too many errors occur? There is a need for proactive improvement?

Sprint-based consulting can help you overcome these issues. BREDEX’s Expert:in can build expertise in your team and set goals for the team after they leave. With their expertise, they are able to help you prevent stressful release phases in the future. Likewise, they can suggest further measures to improve your quality as part of the consulting process.

What are the components of quality consulting and support for software projects?

Drei Personen, zwei männliche und eine weibliche, stehen zusammen vor einem Fernsehmonitor.
Hybrid meetings are possible everywhere with us.

During your time with your team, test consultants develop specific measures for your quality assurance strategy and visualize existing processes. An important part of quality consulting and support is to promote your knowledge in the areas of agility, test automation and exploratory testing, so that you can use this knowledge independently and proactively in the future. For this purpose, our employees moderate appropriate meetings and mini-workshops.

In addition to this, the exchange of experience on tools and techniques helps to build knowledge, continuously improve the process and increase quality. The test consultants also review existing tests and identify common sources of errors. Finally, retrospectives and detailed documentation on recommended measures and identified risks are important to ensure sustainable, long-term benefits from our consulting activities.

BREDEX consultants work without a standard framework. Instead, they bring a “toolbox” of methods, tools, techniques, cross-disciplinary knowledge and experience to find the optimal strategy for your team.

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