SmartOffice Programm auf einem Smartphone und einem Tablet dargestellt.


Organization and coordination of offices and seats

New development of an application for the organization and coordination of offices and workplaces. The application can be run on various end devices and thus enables uncomplicated room booking and practical seat reservation.


During the Corona pandemic, it became clear that many employees would also like to work permanently in a home office or flexibly in the future. Therefore, a separate workstation is no longer needed for each person in the company. The available spaces require an increased coordination of the staff.

The use of office space is to be supported for employees by intelligent digital technologies. This should enable cost-efficient and sustainable management.


1 project management
1 UX/UI Professional
2 software developers

Office management

Project Duration
05.2021 until 02.2022

SmartOffice & Raumgestaltung - Persona Ann-Kathrin
User Journey - Raumgestaltung


In the course of the new development, various methods of human-centered design were carried out in order to achieve a good user experience for the users in the company.

The SmartOffice application will be used by many different employees when development is complete. Personas were created to capture the key differences between user groups. The personas helped the team get a vivid picture of the users during design and development and derive appropriate use cases.

In order to not only get a picture of the user groups, but also to understand the entire future user experience and to provide a consistent understanding of the user goals, user journey maps were created for the respective personas. A TARGET user journey creates motivation in the development team and promotes understanding of the product vision.


In addition to a mood board during idea development, a style guide was developed that included specifications for colors, fonts, and states of components to ensure a consistent design.

Mainly the corporate design of BREDEX GmbH was followed, but the room plan had to be adapted in color due to the TISAX certification, which is why the colors orange and blue were used there.

After the first drafts were created, they were tested with employees of BREDEX GmbH by usability tests for their usability and fulfillment of the requirements.


Application cases were implemented on different devices for different user roles. The SmartOffice can therefore be used optimally not only on desktops, but also on mobile devices.

In addition to assigned fixed workstations and sharing spaces, there are pool spaces that can be conveniently booked in advance from home or on the go. This simplifies the coordination of offices and workstations and enables efficient space management.

The SmartOffice is constantly being further developed at BREDEX. Further functionalities, such as a list of employees to view all employees have already been implemented, other functions such as booking other resources such as meeting rooms or sharing notebooks are planned in the future in SmartOffice.

SmartOffice Programm auf einem Smartphone und einem Laptop dargestellt.

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