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What is a UX Workshop?

With the help of UX workshops, different topics of potential applications can be illuminated from a UX perspective. Established design processes promote teamwork on the development of ideas and solutions within a few days. After the workshop, the customer receives a presentation with the results of the workshop.

Depending on the focus and goal of the customer, we offer Design Sprints, Design Thinking or individual workshops, which vary in the duration and choice of methods.

What are the advantages of a UX workshop?

A UX workshop offers customers the advantage of quickly receiving a solution, for example in the form of a prototype. Workshop participants can contribute their views and ideas, which ensures high motivation in the development team. In addition to this, conducting a UX workshop promotes the innovative content of the future product as well as user-centered thinking.

The collected insights from our UX workshops ensure a saving of time and money in the later product development, since the topic has already been analyzed and the ideas validated in the form of a prototype. Furthermore, the UX Workshop offers maximum flexibility in the design of a topic.

Design Sprint

How do Design Sprints work?

Our Design Sprints are based on the concept of Design Thinking, which focuses on users and their needs and ensures a result with high usability through immediate feedback. According to this principle, a shared mindset should be established together with the development team and various stakeholders, such as project managers or product owners.

Solution approaches that do not lead to the goal can be discarded at an early stage and the requirements developed can be used as a basis for the specification and creation of user stories in sprint planning. Developed prototypes serve as a helpful basis for discussion and design, but also as a basis for initial evaluations in the form of surveys and tests for further development. Possible problems in the operating process can be eliminated at an early stage and a better understanding for the users can be created.

The target group for a Design Sprint is all project participants and stakeholders.

When is a Design Sprint useful?

A Design Sprint is particularly suitable at the beginning of a project, to create a shared understanding for users and to develop a prototype using a defined framework. The duration of the workshop and the choice of methods are clearly defined and aim to develop solutions for a very specific problem in a short period of time.

Procedure of a designsprint
Individualworkshop mit Kunden

Individual Workshops

Depending on the initial situation, requirements and objectives, we create UX workshop formats in close consultation with the customer that are tailored to the customer’s wishes and goals. Our UX/UI experts can advise you individually on problems or analyze them with the help of user research methods. If the goal, the duration and the implementation team of the workshop are still unclear in advance, this can be determined together with us.

If the problem does not require a workshop lasting several days, we also offer the implementation of individual phases or methods. For example, we can support you only in problem analysis or idea development.

Please feel free to contact us. We will advise you on possible formats, scopes and results.

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