Quality Assurance

Why does software need quality assurance?

To put it shortly: So that there are no nasty surprises. Software production is a complex process in which misunderstandings and errors can creep in. The software to be used can have an impact on all sorts of things: from processes to finance to laws or even human lives. It is therefore worthwhile to deliver good quality.

Quality assurance in software development uses organizational and technical measures to ensure that the software works, solves the existing problem and fulfills non-functional requirements such as performance. Quality assurance is not something that can be conjured up retrospectively; it must be a continuous part of the process.

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Sprint Consulting Team support for 1 to 2 weeks
Short-Term Release Support Short-term quality assurance • Test strategy • External test managers
Strategic Quality Consulting Implementing Quality Assurance • Whole Team Quality • Agile Mindset
Test Consultants Long-term support for your team by experts

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Consulting Quality Assurance & Agile Working

Quality assurance through new testing tools GLASER -isb cad- introduces
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Migration and renewal of a website

Conception and creation of a new website Migration of a

Your Quality Assurance with BREDEX

Quality assurance experts at BREDEX support all software projects, as well as many customers, in the context of consulting, workshops and training. Our team has over 15 years of experience in software quality assurance, agile testing, test management and test automation. Using proven techniques, we empower employees in appropriate quality assurance practices such as test automation, exploratory testing, ensemble programming and testing.

Through experience and an agile mindset, we find the right strategy for each team context, continuously incorporate the quality perspective and shorten feedback loops. To do this, we rely on automation of tests, data provisioning, builds and pipelines.

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