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Consulting Quality Assurance & Agile Working

Quality assurance through new testing tools

GLASER -isb cad- introduces long-term quality assurance through new testing tools and agile methods in software development. It is a highly specialized CAD program, carefully tuned to the tasks in construction planning. Simplest operation and high efficiency ensure fast and high-quality results. With well-thought-out detailed solutions, it stands out from non-specific CAD programs.


Through a process of further development over 30 years, the code and structure of the software have continuously grown. With the help of the BREDEX expert, the quality of the product should be ensured in the long term. The primary aim was to cover the challenges and risks of modernization using test methods.


1 Quality Assurance Expert

Software development

Project duration
6 months


Together with the BREDEX expert, a way was found to realize the predefined vision of the goal through defined milestones with the help of quality assurance tools and processes. It is now possible to iteratively restructure and improve a complex system in order to ensure long-term software quality.


A BREDEX expert from the quality assurance team with a background in quality, agile and test automation was on site for two weeks to discuss the basics of quality assurance with the topics “What is software quality”, “What levels of software testing exist” and “What are the challenges regarding the test environment”. Subsequently, a roadmap for the next six months was drawn up together in order to plan the joint approach. In parallel, discussions were held on agility, scrum and sprint planning. Together, test methods, frameworks and test approaches such as reviews, unit tests and pair programming were defined as well as a test strategy and a proof of concept for test automation was written.

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