The work we do

As developers of custom-made software, each team has the opportunity to work in interesting and challenging areas. Close contact with our customers means that we are encouraged to bring ideas and suggestions to the table to make our software exceed expectations.

Many of our teams are self-organising; adopting agile practices as well as new technologies to improve their productivity, quality and customer satisfaction. We embrace change and are willing to experiment to find the best way of working for the team, the company and, of course, the customer.

Our expertise in our chosen discipline is reflected in our presence at international developer and tester conferences, as well as our visibility in industry magazines and our activities in the open source world. We encourage and support employees who are interested in contributing to our work in the public eye and in open source projects.

The work we do


At BREDEX, you will be a part of a professional team working for the success of the company, our customers, and yourself. We believe in continuing education and offer extensive further training possibilities, as well as an outstanding working atmosphere and a variety of interesting and demanding projects.

Our focus is on the development of platform-independent software, tailored to our customers. Our colleagues form dynamic, self-organized teams, have an active interest in process improvement and use test automation to ensure continuous quality.


BREDEX has been training apprentices to become application developers since 2008. Our aim is to ensure a continuing standard of excellent developers in the future by training them now.

Students with an Abitur (German school-leavers' qualification) or who are otherwise eligible to attend university, who can demonstrate good marks in Maths, German and English, can apply for an apprenticeship with us.

Your time at BREDEX will be balanced between challenge and support. To complete the necessary parts of your program, you will join teams working on real customer projects and will receive roles within the team. To make sure that you’re being challenged at the right level, your colleagues and supervisors form a strong support network of mentors and coaches. You will quickly find that we have an open-door policy so that you never have to be stuck on a task. After a few months, you will be a fully-fledged team member and, of course, learning new things on a daily basis.

At the end of the apprenticeship, you will complete an individual project to deepen your knowledge of a particular area and put your organizational skills to the test. Each apprentice chooses a topic with their supervisor.

Student opportunities

BREDEX maintains excellent relationships with the local universities, and has welcomed many students for project work, practical semesters, dual study programs and in the form of student jobs. Our student colleagues are directly involved in our teams and make a real contribution to our work to gain first-hand experience in development and development processes. We also believe in encouraging the next generation of developers, and award a yearly bursary to help exceptional students with their degree costs.

Dual study program

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