Data Protection

What does data protection mean for companies?

For companies, data protection means that they have a responsibility to protect the personal data they collect, process and store. Companies must ensure that the data is collected and processed lawfully and transparently, that it is used only for the stated purpose, and that it is stored appropriately and securely.

Data protection for companies also means that they must ensure that the data is accessible only by authorised people and that they take appropriate security measures to protect the data from loss, theft or misuse. Companies must also ensure that individuals are informed about the processing of their data and have control over it, including the right to access, rectify and delete their data.

Data protection is important for companies, as breaches of data protection can lead to loss of trust and reputational damage. Companies that violate data protection may also face serious fines and penalties. By complying with data protection rules, companies can strengthen customer confidence, improve their reputation and prevent breaches of data protection rules. You will find out how to meet the legal requirements in a free consultation.

Are you looking for an external data protection officer for your company?

Janine Richter, Head of Data Security bei BREDEX, informiert auf der sec IT Messe über die Dienstleistungen des Datenschutz der BREDEX.

What is the cooperation with an external data protection officer like? We offer your company a GDPR-compliant solution for data protection and data security.

Process of Cooperation

  1. Enquiry and initial interview
  2. Inventory
  3. Arrangements with your personal, qualified contact person
  4. Sample documents are discussed and made available
  5. Individual data protection concepts suitable for your company
  6. Data protection audits and data protection analysis
  7. Support for your own data protection officer
  8. Implementation of training courses for employees (awareness seminars)

Why do I have to consider Privacy by Design and by Default as a company?

We advise you on the development, testing and implementation of data protection compliant software and IT solutions.

The GDPR requires developers and manufacturers of software products, IT-supported systems and applications to develop and deliver them in compliance with data protection. Companies as users of these applications are also required to only procure products that comply with data protection regulations when processing personal data ‒ otherwise the supervisory authority or the works council ,ight intervene. The requirements relate to IT projects in the core. Privacy by Design aims to design software and hardware from the start in a way that the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation are taken into account in all areas of technical design from the very beginning ‒ and then, in accordance with Privacy by Default, are virtually “compliant with data protection ex works”.

This is the only way to achieve a coherent overall approach to data protection without the need for costly, incomplete and possibly flawed retrofitting. In addition to the planning challenge, the main task is to identify suitable technical and organizational measures (TOMs) and to coordinate them with the specific system and software architecture or the individual processes. Requirements include secure solutions for user authentication, anonymisation and pseudonymisation techniques, integrated encryption procedures, limiting data processing to what is necessary (data economy), separating identification and content data, or the location and conditions of data retention and storage.

With our specialized data protection consultancy, which also takes aspects of IT security into account, we develop t tailor-made technical and organisational solutions together with you to support you in implementing the “Privacy by Design” requirements of the GDPR in software development. Get in touch with us now. We will be happy to make you an offer.

Privacy by Design in data security

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