Release Jubula 8.3.0

The Jubula team have released the latest official version of Jubula. Version 8.3.0 was released on 3rd August 2016, and contains various improvements to reduce the complexity of working with the tool, especially for teams taking their first steps with Jubula.

One of the first steps with Jubula is to create a new project and begin writing tests. To guide testers in these steps, the new project wizard has been greatly simplified. There is also an option to create demo content in the new project - this creates categories and example test cases so that testers can orient their tests to this structure. In addition, the error messages for AUT start fails have been adapted to offer more useful information.

For teams that use non-standard components that are not testable with Jubula out-of-the-box, there are two new options. In the Jubula ITE and Client API, a simple extension can easily be declared by entering the fully qualified class name for the component to be supported. This allows the component to be clicked, and basic actions to be executed on it. Additionally, there is a new extension wizard to generate the necessary structure for teams writing full extensions.

The release also contains new options for code coverage, support for sliders in Java toolkits, support for Shape components in JavaFX, various performance improvements, and support for reading from text components in the Client API.


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