In the run-up to each development, we carry out a user research so that we get to know exactly the tasks, goals and needs of the users. Important questions are in the foreground: Who are the users? What problems do you want to solve with the software? How do we create added value for these users? How do we make your software a positive user experience? Based on the resulting findings, a product is created that fully meets the needs of all users.

An important element in answering our questions is the interview. But also the development of personas, value tests and usability tests are among the elements of user research.

bredex methods

  • Survey within the framework of the principles of dialogue design in accordance with DIN ISO 9241-110
  • Specified user tests according to known system requirements
  • In a cognitive walkthrough, the expert knows the requirements of the users (use cases) to the application and carries out the review on this basis

After carrying out all user research measures, we will evaluate all observations and findings. We analyze how different aspects of the application were evaluated: What was positive? Where did problems occur and which ones? And how seriously are they rated? - Thus, possible problems with usability are identified early and targeted and eliminated. At the end, the results are prepared as documentation.

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Antje Huszarik
UI/UX Design Expert

"An application should be intuitive to use and visually appealing. Our prime aim is to make your software a positive user experience and therefore a success."

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