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In all phases of development, our specialists repeatedly reconsider the requirement profile and discuss the design again. We gradually steer newly developed ideas in the right direction, without losing sight of the desired end result. The so-called prototyping, ie the production of prototypes, serves us for this purpose. They are the visual basis for the communication of all project participants and always vividly show our customers the current state of development.

low fidelity prototyp

These conceptual drafts of an application represent their logic and structure and allow a division of contents. LoFi's are also used for initial usability tests. Selected users will receive clickable wireframes to test the user experience and provide feedback.

Low Fidelity Prototyp von der BREDEX GmbH

high fidelity prototyp

They give the customer an exact idea of the design of the application before starting the development. During the development process, they are an important design foundation and, like LoFi prototypes, serve to carry out initial acceptance tests.

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