Experten für UI / UX Design bei der BREDEX GmbH in Braunschweig

The ease of use of the user interface - the user interface design or UI for short - and a positive experience in use - user experience or UX - significantly affect the development of software. UI and UX decide whether or not to be a web designer, whether the software is perceived as pleasant and user-friendly or not. These emotional feelings provide information about the willingness to work with software.

That's why our UI/UX experts accompany projects from start to finish. The individual requirements and needs of the users are at the center of all development processes. The result is an intuitive and user-friendly product that fully meets the demands of everyday work.

ui/ux design at bredex

Benutzerzentirerte UI/UX Konzepte

User-centric UI / UX concepts

Zeitgemäßes Design mit hoher Usability

Contemporary design with high usability

Designer sind in den agilen Entwicklungsprozess integriert

Designers are integrated into the agile development processes

process flow

Prozessablauf UI / UX Design

Your Contact Person

Antje Huszarik
UI/UX Design Expert

"An application should be intuitive to use and visually appealing. Our prime aim is to make your software a positive user experience and therefore a success."

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