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individual software development - requirement analysis

The requirements of software solutions are as diverse as business fields of companies and institutions themselves.
Individual software solutions can easily adapt to existing processes as they are flexibly designed to react quickly to changes. Through our requirements analysis, we can determine how your existing system processes can be updated and modernized in order to make them flexible and future-proof.

Anforderungsanalyse bei BREDEX GmbH

Process supporting software

Complex work processes often need requirement-oriented software which makes processes become significantly more efficient.

We specialize in combining our customers' specific process Know-How with our IT experience in order to achieve optimum results with process-supporting software.

On the basis of the requirement analysis, we create a system architecture and modell the whole process. We use agile methods, such as iterative development processes or the continuous collection and supplementing of requirement profiles.

Short development cycles bring effort and use into a meaningful harmony.

complete software solutions

We support our customers with an agile project management with the very first brainstorming, help with the concretization and accompany them with complete solutions up to the productive system with a well thought out and complete software development process.

Together with our partners, a product vision is created, which is further developed, step by step. All stages of development are always repeatedly tested for their suitainability.

Ultimately, our agile software development approach results in a complete software ready to fulfill your specific task.

Komplettlösungen bei BREDEX GmbH

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