In order to connect customer-specific software systems to the worldwide Internet, we implement tailor-made cloud-based IT solutions from BREDEX.

The cloud guarantees global availability, and therefore high scalability. There is no need to invest heavily in your own hardware, either in the development phase or later in the use of applications and services. The use of cloud technologies makes particularly a lot of sense in the artificial intelligence context.

The technologies we use make it possible to develop applications cloud-ready. In this way, in addition to an on-premise installation, it will also be possible to switch to cloud at a later date. 

Cloud Lösungen bei der BREDEX GmbH in Braunschweig

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Achim Lörke
Executive Director of BREDEX GmbH

"Clouds are blurred in reality, and interpreting them and what they may be representing is as old as humanity itself. In order not to be carried away by wishful thinking - The right know-how regarding sensible application scenarios, architectures, costs and manufacturer independence is needed for a cloud solution to be successful. "

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