quality assurance in web

Web applications are among the most important future technologies.

Not only the widespread use, but also the multichannel use on mobile devices and desktops place extreme demands on the used software. Reliable quality assurance is therefore mandatory - also because the users are particularly critical and sensitive.

Successful Web application quality strategy must incorporate optimal risk coverage through multi-level testing (unit, API testing, UI testing). Equally important is a high level of automation, understanding of architecture, non-functional attributes such as performance and exploratory testing use static test techniques.

quality assurance at bredex

  • Erfahrene Web-Testing-Experten als Test-Consultants
  • Test-affine Entwickler, die in Tools, Frameworks und methodischen Testansätzen ausgebildet sind
  • Beratung zur Qualitätsstrategie, Architektur und Design for Testability im Web-Umfeld
  • Unterstützung bei der Testautomatisierung und Build-Pipeline
  • API-Testing
  • Exploratives Testen von Web-Applikationen
  • Testmanagement von großen Web-Projekten
Qualitätssicherung im Web durch die BREDEX GMBH

quality assurance - agile project

In this project of developing an international web shop, our test consultant was as an "agile quality enabler" active. In a multi-site team, his job was to increase the quality of the project. He achieved this by improving the automation strategy, introducing further quality measures and implementing a team-wide responsibility for quality.

Through workshops, mob-programming, mob-testing and consulting from product owners and developers, the whole team has created successful releases with a sustainable quality strategy.

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Alex Schladebeck
CEO, Head of Test Consulting

"Our test consultants are passionate representatives of quality at all levels and at all stages of the project development. Through their communication and their technical and methodical skills, they enable the whole team to achieve better quality. "

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