The Whole Team Approach to Agile Testing

This is the only course based on Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin’s best-selling Agile Testing and More Agile Testing books.
Participants learn ways the whole software delivery team can collaborate to plan and execute testing activities needed to build quality into their product.

Duration 3 Days
Price 1600€
Attendance from 4
Target group The course is aimed at anyone on who wants to learn what testing means on an agile team
Location Brunswick


  • How testing fits into the short iterations and frequent deliveries in agile projects
  • Contributions testers can make to become valued agile team members 
  • Common cultural and logistical obstacles in transitioning to an agile development process
  • Values and principles that help team members adopt an agile testing mindset
  • How the whole team contributes to the success of testing practices, such as acceptance-test driven development (ATDD), test automation, and exploratory testing.

Practical advice

Through lecture, discussion and hands-on simulations, the course explains essential principles and practices. The course is filled with real-life examples of how teams collaborate to deliver high-value, high-quality software. A simulation of an agile project wraps up the whole course giving participants an opportunity to put all the puzzle pieces together, to practice what they have learned.


Understand how testers contribute on agile teams, how agile teams successfully cover all dimensions of software quality in short release cycles, and collaborate to deliver the “right” business value at frequent, consistent intervals.

After the course you are entitled to take an optional exam in the form of an online assessment.


The BREDEX GmbH is one of the few accredited providers in Germany.

The Whole Team Approach to Agile Testing
1600€ per person, excl. VAT

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Marvin Bodziuk
Training Coordinator

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Our Trainings Coordinator, Marvin, is not only your first contact when it comes to booking a seminar with us, but also trains future ISTQB® Certified Testers and brings agile projects forward using his exploratory and automated testing Skills as a Test Consultant.

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