Java Bootcamp

The Java Bootcamp introduces employees without programming knowledge hands-on to the Java programming language.
With the help of LEGO®-Mindstorms® kits you get to know the basics of Java and gain first experiences in programming.

Duration 4 Days
Price 1890€
Attendance from 4
Target group Everyone, who wish an insight into Java basics.
Location Brunswick


Instead of building a house made of LEGO® bricks, let us program a robot! During Java Bootcamp, small groups work with their IT-Trainers. LEGO®-Mindstorms®-construction kits turn into functioning robots by the motto learning by doing. In this way, theoretical contents are used directly, which makes the success immediately visible. The small size of the groups guarantee that each member contributes to the code and makes the robot move.

Active Break

Breaks are important – but we don’t want them to be spent unproductively. We use them for communication to make groups aware of potential misunderstandings between developers and non–developers. Role plays, short videos and interviews will sensitize for potential pitfalls on one hand, and serve as bridge–building tool on the other.

Java Special Topics

Besides the basics of programming in Java, further options of utilizing the programming language are the main points. We show for example mobile applications that have been created for Android using Java and JavaFX.


The cooperation in the IT–sector for the creation of a software application is complex and often divided into many sections. This aspect will be illustrated in the Java Bootcamp by splitting the group. Each team works on a section at a LEGO®-production site and helps bringing the LEGO®-Mindstorms®-Robots to life. The groups must take different roles in the development process and communicate frequently to reach the mutual goal. At the end, the participants will be able to identify Java as technical basis for a multitude of daily used applications. Moreover, non – developers can participate in Smalltalk with developers easier and prevent misunderstandings. Each participant will receive a confirmation of participation for the training.

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Java Bootcamp
1890€ per person, excl. VAT

Contact person

Marvin Bodziuk
Training Coordinator

Tel   +49 - (0)531 - 243 30 - 0

About Marvin

Our Trainings Coordinator, Marvin, is not only your first contact when it comes to booking a seminar with us, but also trains future ISTQB® Certified Testers and brings agile projects forward using his exploratory and automated testing Skills as a Test Consultant.

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