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To ensure the optimum data protection and data security in your company, we carry out audits. You will receive a detailed audit report as a result of our risk and vulnerability analysis. 

In this way, you can clearly document in-house or with customers how well your data security is with you - or whether there is still need for action.


Preparatory meeting:
During a first preparatory discussion, we will clarify the course of the audit with you and then draw up an action recommendation.

Privacy Audit:
The audit includes an analysis of all relevant departments and areas of your company. These usually include the areas:

Data protection explanation: We clarify in a discussion with the data protection officer of your company the implemented bases of the data security.

Department check: Examination and evaluation of the data protection relevant processes in the departments from the personnel over the sales up to the marketing.

Environmental security: Checking the access options and physical data security of the building and the computer / server rooms.

Order data processing: We check your service contracts to check the data protection requirements.

Software and website check: Checking the software and website regarding the collection and processing of personal data.

udit report
Based on these analyzes conducted in the audit, our experts prepare the audit report.

With this audit, you are able to implement measures relating to data protection in your company in a targeted and structured manner.

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Ron Kneffel
Head of Information Security and Data Privacy

"Data protection and information security are a decisive factor for sustainable business success in SMEs. The right protection of company values ​​can secure long-term competitive advantages."

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