The topic of data protection in IT and the accompanying data protection advice are an important component for every company!

A crucial aspect in the handling of personal data is the trust and someone who is personally available for you. Legislators place high demands on data protection in companies.

Most companies do not know which regulations they are subject to when it comes to privacy. 

Axel Ditzinger

"We experience BREDEX as a constructive partner, who is deeply involved with our structures and processes and is always responsive when there is a privacy issue."

Axel Ditzinger, Geschäftsführer der Werner Dizinger GmbH


  • Appointment as an external data protection officer
  • Individual advice on the implementation of the GDPR
    Privacy audits and privacy analysis
  • Support of the data protection officer
    Training of employees (Awareness seminars)
  • Member of important data protection associations (GDD - Society for Data Protection and Data Protection e.V. and BvD - Professional Association of Data Protection Officers e.V.)

IT- and data protection consulting

The ongoing operation raises daily new questions about this topic. Where can video surveillance be used? What about using the Internet or sending private e-mails?

In the field of advertising and marketing, further labor and competition law guidelines must be observed. Especially in the area of personal data and the protection of employee and customer data, many innovations and improvements have been made.

We always follow the current state of the law, we take changes into account immediately and incorporate them into the individual data protection concept of your company. If your company works with partners or clients outside the EU, that means taking special care in protecting your privacy.

The transfer of personal data to so-called third countries is only permitted under special conditions, as these countries have different data protection criteria.

We support you in the development of application principles and the drafting of contracts for the legally compliant application of "data exports".

You benefit from our know-how and can make use of sound data protection advice. Our privacy expert is always there for you if you have questions about information security or need advice.

Our neutral position enables us to optimally support you. Without conflict of interest with other tasks, we help to communicate your business in privacy and between the business, the works council, departments and employees.

We are at your disposal for a free first consulting. We check for you how you are positioned in the privacy policy and can give you first advice.

Your Contact Person

Ron Kneffel
Head of Information Security and Data Privacy

"Data protection and information security are a decisive factor for sustainable business success in SMEs. The right protection of company values ​​can secure long-term competitive advantages."

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