What does IoT mean? It is the abbreviation for Internet of Things. 

IoT-based systems capture information from the real world, linking it together and making it available on the network. IoT is, so to speak, the fuel of digitization, indispensable for Industry 4.0.

The professional IoT team of BREDEX shows ways on how IoT can be used meaningfully and purposefully in the company.

In doing so, we maximize the benefits and ensure a functional and secure architecture of the infrastructure - from IoT to the Smart Factory.

As Certified Professionals for IoT we guarantee the highest quality, sustainability and safety - from planning to implementation.

Iot quality engineering 

For IoT-based systems, quality is crucial. With well-known and proven approaches, specific knowledge and methodological approaches, BREDEX operates a proven quality engineering in IoT.

"Quality Engineering" stands for architectural and design decisions, testability and maintainability as well as monitorability. Agility, automation and continuous testing are also essential.

BREDEX offers comprehensive consulting, accompanied by quality engineering for IoT systems that our customers use with value and low risk to be at the forefront of digital transformation. 

iot-systems - our offer

  • Business models
  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • Reference architectures
  • Protocols and Fieldbusses: MQTT, CoAP, Modbus TCP
  • Cloud platforms
  • Edge and Fog Computing
  • Quality features: security, privacy, robustness, performance, ethics

Big Data analytics

Processing large amounts of data was a real problem in the analog world. The limits were reached pretty fast. Digitization with Big Data has eliminated them completely.

Big Data Analytics can be used to analyze extreme data volumes, even from different sources. Using appropriate technologies, detailed information can be filtered out. Machine learning algorithms or artificial intelligence adds even more to it.

This almost limitless amount of data is now effortlessly available to our customers.

Our Big Data analytics team can carry out a detailed inventory analysis and show new, additional opportunities in the field of business intelligence and predictive analytics.

our technologies

Data Mining & Analytics

Data Mining & Analytics

Machine Learning & Predictive Maintance

Machine Learning & Predictive Maintenance

Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Tool: KNIME & Hadoop

Tool: KNIME & Hadoop

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IoT Solution Architect

"Everyone talks about digital transformation and yet it is difficult for many to grasp. We accompany you on this path as a partner and lead your digital transformation to success. Our focus is always on adding value to your business."

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