• Individual software development

    BREDEX develops tailor-made enterprise software solutions that help our customers to simplify their business processes. Open communication with our customers is our top priority to achieve this. That's why we work in agile processes which demand and encourage close collaboration between the development team and the customer. You will receive frequent updates and will have the chance to view and review the work in progress at regular intervals.

    We encourage our customers to take an active role in the development process and know that one of the secrets to a successful project is to listen to your feedback and to make sure that the project delivers what you want and need.

    Get to know, how we work in software-projects.

  • Project examples - software

    Regardless of the domain, our customers often have similar needs from their software. Sometimes we are required to replace an old system with a newer one that is more modern, maintainable and extensible. Other times we work on combining separate systems to make an effective and unified workflow. Of course, we also build completely new software from scratch.

    Many of our customers also have extremely large amounts of data to deal with. Our solutions allow software users to sort, search through and produce reports on their data.

    Our project examples showcase some of our recent projects to provide an overview of our capabilities in technology, process and customer focus.

  • We are your competent partner for creating your mobile applications. Our extensive experience is the guarantee for your success.

  • We support and assist you in the choice of technology and platform for your mobile business application: from the first designs through the implementation and onto the further development.

  • Since the introduction of tablets, user expectations for comfort when working with apps have increased dramatically. Never before have end users been so sure about how software should look, feel and behave. That's why we develop enterprise apps to be user friendly.

  • Quality assurance

    Software quality is an essential part of the development process. Our test consultants are well versed in mobile testing.

  • Quality Assurance

    At BREDEX, quality is a concept that accompanies our projects from start to finish. We believe strongly in making sure testing and development are fully integrated into our teams, our mindset and our daily work.

  • Testing at the forefront

    Regardless of the process used to develop your project, there are many benefits to be gained by testing early and continuously. Information on quality is available at all times so there are no bad surprises before a release, the testing effort is kept to a minimum and errors are found and fixed early and easily.

  • Jubula

    Testing is so important to us that we developed the GUI testing tool Jubula. More information on the tool can be found on the pages about Jubula and on our Testing Resources Portal.