Terms and conditions

Entry conditions for seminars


The seminars are generally held on the premises of BREDEX GmbH.


On the first day the seminars commence at 10 a.m. and on all following days at 9 a.m. The seminars end at 5 p.m. and at 4 p.m. on the last day.


We always book a certain number of hotel rooms for each seminar. Please let us know at least two weeks in advance whether you wish to book a room as well as your day of arrival. If you contact us later than a fortnight before your arrival we can no longer guarantee a hotel room.

The participant is required to settle the hotel bill directly with the hotel.


Braunschweig is close to the motorway intersection (Berlin-Dortmund / Frankfurt-Hamburg). It is a 45 minute drive from Hanover airport to Braunschweig and there is a airport shuttle service operating between the two cities.

Our offices are perfectly located near the city centre and the central railway station.


In the price-list you will find information about the seminar charges. Travel costs and hotel costs as well as meals are not included. The full charges and VAT are due when you receive the bill from BREDEX GmbH, which is usually two weeks before the start of the seminar.


You can register by sending a letter or a fax.

We will send you a confirmation as soon as we have received your registration.


If the participation in a seminar is cancelled up to two weeks in advance, a cancellation fee of 10% will be charged, unless the organiser proves the existence of a higher damage or the participant proves a lesser damage. If the participation in a seminar is cancelled less than two weeks in advance a general cancellation fee of 75% will be charged, unless the organiser proves the existence of a higher damage or the participant proves a lesser damage. The complete seminar price minus any saved expenditure of the organiser will be charged if a participant drops out of the seminar. No cancellation fee will be due if the participant provides a substitute. In the case that a hotel booking has been made, the participant is liable for possible cancellation fees.

Number of participants

The seminars are restricted to twelve participants. We therefore recommend an early registration.

Seminar documents

The participants will be provided with the necessary papers and documents for each seminar. The organiser alone has the right to translate, reprint or duplicate the seminar documents. If this copyright is violated the participant will face a claim for damages by the organiser. The organiser reserves the right to update the content of the seminar, which in individual cases, may result in the divergence from the seminar documents.


The organiser ensures that all the data of the participants is exclusively saved for internal use and will not, in whole or in part, be passed on to third parties.

Limitation of liability

The organiser is not liable for events which occur during the course of the seminar and may be unfavourable for the participant (theft; damage to property; accident, including work-related road accident; etc.)

Cancellation of a seminar

In the unlikely event that a seminar must be cancelled due to illness or other reasons, the organiser has the right of withdrawal, if he provides the appropriate evidence. The same is true when less than five participants register for a seminar. In this case, the liability of the organiser is limited to the expenses the participant has had until that moment. In addition the organiser is obliged to provide an alternative date for the seminar.

Expulsion of a participant

The organiser has the right to expel a participant during the course of the seminar, when the latter jeopardises the success of the seminar due to repeated interruptions. In this case, the participant will have to pay the complete seminar charges.

Place of performance and place of jurisdiction

When the contracting party of the organiser is a registered trader or a legal entity under public law or separate estate, Braunschweig is the place of performance and the only place of jurisdiction. Braunschweig also is the place of jurisdiction when the contracting party of the organiser has no general place of jurisdiction in Germany.

Legal force

If one of these clauses is found to be legally invalid, either fully or partly, the other clauses do not automatically lose validity.