Your chance at Project Quality Day 2018!

It’s that time of year again!

The call for papers for the Project Quality Day at Eclipse Con Europe has started, and is open until 16th July.

The project quality day will take place during Eclipse Con Europe on the 24th October. 

This year, we’re addressing a new topic for the project quality day:
Quality of things, in industry and in digital society.

That’s a big area, I know. But there’s a lot of interesting things happening in this space, and so many important and exciting quality aspects to consider. We’re introducing new technology, discovering new use cases, connecting all.the.things(!), sending data and making automated decisions.

How are we testing this? What quality attributes are important? What quality processes might we need in place to make sure we don’t run into frightening scenarios? How are we testing new interfaces such as voice? What experiences do projects have? What skills do testers and developers need for testing these things?

The scope for the day is wide. If you’re working on projects that connect devices, distribute decision making, or solve problems in the IoT or digitalization space, then we want to hear from you! You can talk about case studies, predictions and prototypes.

Other possible topics include:

• Quality attributes for testing the Internet of Things
• Case studies for IoT testing
• Challenges and hurdles, as well as opportunities for quality
• Processes and technologies to support testing in IoT, industry 4.0 and digitalization
• "The human factor" – what do we need to be aware of when testing new technologies?
• Build, release and maintenance of IoT systems
• Testing non-functional attributes such as performance
• The role of testers and developers in IoT projects

If you have any questions about the day, contact me at On behalf of the program committee, we’re looking forward to seeing your proposals!