Looking back on the OOP 2018

I am still new in the business of software developers, so I was excited to visit the OOP 2018 conference in Munich. It was obviously impossible to listen to all the talks held, so I had to do a pre-choice of what sounded most interesting to me and the company. As I was going through the program, I noticed that the number of technical topics was not as high as I expected.

Yes, you could find talks like “Deep learning, concepts and frameworks – find your way through the jungle” [1], but the program was dominated by “Leadership: Grow Relationships with Intention and Awareness” [2], “Multiple Selves?! Trust yourself & grow!” [3] and my personal favourite “Swearing, Nudity and Other Vulnerable Positions” [4]. The last one turned out to be a workshop session in which people of a wide variety of positions, who were complete strangers before, built trust in each other in order to achieve the common goal of telling a made-up story together (for those of you who are interested: it ended up with a unicorn and the destruction of the universe).

I learned in these few days, that each co-worker and client is just a human being, which has a bad day from time to time. Our job is not only to develop software, that fulfils all the clients’ requirements, but also to create and keep up a pleasant working atmosphere for us and our co-workers. An excellent working climate offers chances to learn from mistakes and to stay open-minded about new ideas. Nobody should be worrying about punishment or refuse new methods before they even started to use it… They should rather have an uplifting conversation at the coffee machine with someone they have never talked to before.

I am happy to say, that we at BREDEX already have that mindset and we’re constantly making an effort to develop further.

Links to the session details:

[1] http://www.oop-konferenz.de/oop2018/startseite-englisch/program/conference-program/sessiondetails/action/detail/session/di-31-2/title/deep-learning-concepts-and-frameworks-find-your-way-through-the-jungle.html

[2] http://www.oop-konferenz.de/oop2018/startseite-englisch/program/conference-program/sessiondetails/action/detail/session/mi-81-2/title/leadership-grow-relationships-with-intention-and-awareness.html

[3] http://www.oop-konferenz.de/oop2018/startseite-englisch/program/conference-program/sessiondetails/action/detail/session/mi-62-2/title/multiple-selves-trust-yourself-grow.html

[4] http://www.oop-konferenz.de/oop2018/startseite-englisch/program/conference-program/sessiondetails/action/detail/session/di-83-2/title/swearing-nudity-and-other-vulnerable-positions.html