Jubula News

The Jubula team has released the latest official version of Jubula. Version 8.6.0 was released on 1st March 2018. This version contains a variety of useful UI and Jubula API improvements. Furthermore, it offers convenient features like:

  • There is a new Teststyle rule which shows nodes with #TODO (default) in the problems view.
  • It is possible to define a value set and a default value for a parameter
  • The amount of component name proposals can be reduced for a Test Step by using categories in the Object Mapping Editor
  • The AUT Configuration dialog now lets you test the AUT start
  • There is a new test step which allows you to store data in the test result summary
  • SWT Tree Tables now support actions from the Table component as well (e.g. check existence of column, select value from column)
  • You can now find out where a given cell in a Central Test Data Set is used through the ?getCentralTestDataValue function
  • The Jubula API class MakeR has now the method createCIWithName which creates a Component Identifier with just a given name(ID). This means that object mapping does not have to be carried out

Please find further information and details on other noteworthy changes in the actual release notes on http://testing.bredex.de.