Jubula 8.5 has been released

The Jubula team has released the latest official version of Jubula. Version 8.5.0 was released on 17th May 2017. This version contains a variety of useful features for working with the ITE, test results and the Client API:

  • Double-clicking on a root node in an editor moves to the currently open editor where this node is reused
  • Navigating between the central data sets view and the properties view is now easier, for users working with the central test data set function
  • Test result reports can now be exported as JUnit reports
  • There is a new feature "delete with orphans" which allows unused test cases to be recursively deleted along with any test cases that will become unused after the deletion of their parent. This lets users easily remove dead test cases that are no longer required.
  • Projects can now be imported via drag&drop
  • The component affected by an error is now displayed in the screenshots on error
  • Static IP addresses and ports are now supported for AUT configurations
  • In the API, ActionHandlers now return result objects so that the return value can be extracted.
  • Two new actions have been added to the Jubula API. getProperty can now be used to get a property of a component and isSelected can be used to check whether a checkbox or a toggle button is selected. Further information and the installers are available on http://testing.bredex.de.