Jubula 8.4 has been released

The Jubula team has released the latest official version of Jubula. Version 8.4 now allows users to write tests using conditions and loops as well as various other additions to simplify test creation, especially in more complex scenarios.

Version 8.4 offers testers a new possibility to create test cases using conditional test execution (If-Then-Else) and loops (Do-While/While-Do/Repeat). This improves the flexibility of test automation for more complex cases.

Another addition to the release is aimed at simplifying test creation for synchronization. Each check action in Jubula now also lets users specify a timeout. Within the timeout, a failed check will be retried. This allows tests to wait for events such as text changes or enablement changes with fewer test steps.

Users working with variation in their tests will now be able to skip test steps. This allows reusable keywords to be defined which don’t always execute the same steps. This can be particularly useful for reusable keywords to fill in forms, for example.