Enter your project quality day talk by 17th July!

If you haven’t got any plans for this weekend (or actually, even if you have), then why not write that abstract you’ve been planning for the Project Quality Day at Eclipse Con Europe (24-26th October, the Project Quality Day is on the 25th).

We’re looking for submissions to do with quality, testing and agile in your projects. Tell us what kind of testing you do, what problems or solutions you have, and how you work together to make awesome software. It doesn’t matter if you’re a developer working with unit tests, or a test manager talking about coordinating distributed teams – or any other role involved in quality. We want to hear about all aspects of quality - more examples could be about your delivery pipelines, your quality monitoring, and how you’re doing this in agile or fast-paced contexts.

Some more topic ideas are listed here:


And the call for papers is here:


We look forward to reading your submissions!