About us

The company

Since its founding as a one-man company in April 1987, BREDEX has evolved progressively to become our current team of developers, testers, consultants, interns, apprentices, students and sales/marketing representatives.

Through the years, we have seen changes in our offices, in the financial markets and in the software industry. By successfully weathering disruptions in the financial climate and embracing relevant developments in the software industry, BREDEX continues to go from strength to strength.

In an industry that is constantly evolving and redefining itself, our continuing success can be attributed to our dedication to learning and progress, our willingness to contribute and our focus on our customers. Technologies, standards and processes may change, but the results that come from delivering high-quality individual solutions to a happy customer remain the same.

  • Our philosophy


    At BREDEX, we place great importance on teamwork. Our software developers are integrated into their teams, and all contribute to making great software in collaboration with the rest of the team and the customer. Working closely together ensures that our customers get the solutions they need.

    The success of a project is dependent on how the team works together. That's why we look after the well-being of our employees and foster the right atmosphere for collaboration.

  • Our philosophy

    Communication and collaboration

    To foster and develop our teams, we have long embodied the principle of creating quality software through conversation and communication. We support practices that improve openness and transparency for our customers and our own teams, ensuring that knowledge and information are easily and frequently transferred.

  • Our philosophy

    Constant improvement

    We consider curiosity about new ideas and enthusiasm about process improvement to be central to a healthy development process. Regardless of the methodology, process or standards used in a project, we encourage our teams to work with their customers to review their work and processes in order to create the best environment and quality for their development.

  • Our philosophy


    Our teamwork isn’t just limited to our own projects. We have always enjoyed sharing our knowledge and experience with other teams in the form of seminars, articles and talks at conferences. Our support of the open source community is also deeply anchored in our history, and has seen our involvement progress from users of open source through being contributors and committers (particularly within the Eclipse Foundation) to having a business model based on it.

    Beyond the realms of the world of software, we also are involved in our local and regional communities. We actively support social and cultural activities in the Braunschweig area and award a yearly student bursary to provide financial assistance to promising students at the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences.

People at BREDEX

The beating heart of BREDEX is our team of excellent requirements specialists, developers, database architects, project managers, testers and designers.

Our greatest strength is our employees' potential. Flat hierarchies, an open-door policy and fair treatment are our strategies for creating a great work atmosphere - and also positively affect the quality of our work. 

Our partners

Partnership is all about working together!

We believe that good partnerships are based on trust and sustainability. We work with our partners to provide knowledge transfer, support and for mutual benefit. (more information)