Agiles Unternehmen Lösungsanbieter Zukunftsgeber

Agile company with customers as partners

BREDEX als agiles Unternehmen mit Kunden und Mitarbeitern als Partner

We adapt again and again to the changing markets. This requires a partnership in the cooperation between our customers and us.

Flat hierarchies, an open communication in-house, but also towards the customers and suppliers, and a fair cooperation create a good working environment. That in turn ensures the quality of our work.

The foundation of our success are the employees. Our highly skilled teams are made up of excellent requirements specialists, software developers, database architects, project managers and designers. They all have not only an interesting, but also secure workplace at BREDEX

we find the optimal solution

Softwareentwicklung mit langjähriger Erfahrung bei BREDEX in Braunschweig

We consider the complex development processes of software holistically. This enables efficient and goal-oriented planning and implementation of all projects in all phases.

Our fair and open dealings with our business partners guarantee that the solutions we have realized will always meet the needs and requirements of our customers.

We work technology-oriented based on our many years of experience. The enthusiasm to create something new is always the impulse to realize the optimum.

BREDEX gives future

The appreciation of our employees has a very high priority to us. The abilities of each individual, introduced into flexible working teams, contribute significantly to develop successful software solutions and to harness them. All BREDEX employees continue to develop consistently - personally and professionally. We support them with various further education measures.

This applies to specialists who have often worked for BREDEX for many years, as well as dedicated junior employees. Trainees and students, interns and career changers who are passionate about the IT industry, contribute fresh ideas to help shape the future in an innovative way.