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Individual Solutions

Individual software solutions can easily adapt to existing processes as they are flexibly designed to react quickly to changes.


The Digitization makes a change of existing software necessary. In any case, we recommend a clever modernization.


The cloud guarantees global availability, and therefore high scalability. There is no need to invest heavily in your own hardware, either in the development phase or later in the use of applications and services.

Complex applications

Many companies have complex and business-critical work processes. Their smooth processes are of vital importance, especially in the age of digitization.

Multichannel UI Solutions

Software's mobile development strategy focuses on mobile view. At BREDEX, we are broadening this strategic alignment to multichannel software, which increases value significantly.

Web Quality Assurance

Web applications are among the most important future technologies. Not only the widespread use, but also the multichannel use on mobile devices and desktops place extreme demands on the used software.

Professional Software-Testing

Our consultants are trained in test methodology, test strategy, agility, various tools, best practices for automation, requirements and communication.

Agile Testing Coach

BREDEX's test-consultants have a high level of expertise in the field of agile processes. They implement the so-called Whole Team Quality into projects and companies.


Larger projects with multiple testers require quality and test managers with experience. They develop test strategies and adapt them to projects, train and coach team members, develop risk strategies and control them.

Tester Training

BREDEX developed various courses, trainings and workshops to train your employees or even teams at your company. Tester Training consists of a well balanced mix of theory, practice and mentoring.

IoT & Big Data

IoT-based systems capture information from the real world, linking it together and making it available on the network. IoT is, so to speak, the fuel of digitization.

Information Security

The digital world is all about information security, protection against threats as well as the prevention of risks and business damage. A holistic view of security issues is therefore the basis for any digitization strategy and risk management. For BREDEX, information security is the basis for solid collaboration.

Data Protection Supervisor

Since the effective date of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU-DSGVO) on 25.05.2018, many companies have to appoint or appoint a data protection officer.

Privacy Audit

A crucial aspect in the handling of personal data is the trust and someone who is personally available for you. Legislators place high demands on data protection in companies.

IT& Data Protection

The topic of data protection in IT and the accompanying data protection advice are an important component for every company! A crucial aspect in the handling of personal data is the trust and someone who is personally available for you. Legislators place high demands on data protection in companies.

Human Centered Design

Our development processes are generally geared to the users. Your individual requirements and needs are the focus. We call it User Centered Design, or better Human Centered Design, or HCR for short, when it comes to making an interactive end product useable and achieving a positive user experience.


In all phases of development, our specialists repeatedly reconsider the requirement profile and discuss the design again. We gradually steer newly developed ideas in the right direction, without losing sight of the desired end result.

User Research

In the run-up to each development, we carry out a user research so that we get to know exactly the tasks, goals and needs of the users. Important questions are in the foreground: Who are the users? What problems do you want to solve with the software?


In detailed design guidelines, we determine the concrete design of an application. Based on the results from user research and tests, the components and the workflow are designed in such a way that users receive a user-friendly interface. 


We develop tailor-made IT solutions, serve customers from various sectors around digital transformation and offer advanced trainings in programming, software testing and much more.

For over 30 years, we have been successful in the IT industry. Our experts have a wealth of experience in software development, quality assurance, user interface & user experience and digitization. They are specialists in using software as well as in the planning and realization of successful projects.

Individual, flexible and future-oriented

Rooted in Braunschweig

Rooted in Braunschweig

a goal-oriented and qualitative implementation

Goal-oriented and qualitative implementation

Customers seen as partners

Customers seen as partners


Detlef Beer
Detlef Beer
Viscom AG
Leiter Produktentwicklung

„With the expertise of BREDEX, we were able to significantly advance the Industry 4.0 readiness of our industrial plants. The customer value of the mobile connection gives us a clear technological lead in the face of fierce competition.“

Hannah Coutts
Hannah Coutts
University of St. Andrews, IT Services
Senior Business Intelligence Developer

"The agile coaching of BREDEX was of excellent quality! The coaches were able to encourage even more reserved participants to play an active role in the interactive workshops. "

Chrstina Schilling
Chrstina Schilling
Volkswagen AG
Project Management IT Development

"I would recommend BREDEX Consultants to any team that wants to adopt agile development methods, or has problems with areas of expertise in old processes."

Axel Ditzinger
Axel Ditzinger
Werner Ditzinger GmbH

"Our positive conclusion is that we experience BREDEX as an constructive partner, who is deeply involved with our structures and processes and is always responsive when there is a privacy issue."

Satisfied partners

Volkswagen Financial Services